Pandora Simba Prize Bingo

£2.50 Per Ticket

Winner is: beffy43

Ticket number: 4

About This Competition

Quick fire Bingo, 1 lucky winner will win  the brand new Pandora Simba -Carry a symbol of courage when you wear the Disney The Lion King Simba Charm. Crafted of 14k gold-plated unique metal blend, this thoughtfully designed charm depicts Disney’s iconic Simba character as a young lion cub.

Simply select your ticket numbers and check out. Winning ticket number will be revealed as soon as all the tickets are sold or on the draw date (whichever comes first) via auto draw!

Guaranteed winner regardless of sales!

Only 49 tickets available – max of 8 per person. Please note VIP tickets are not eligible for entry on this quick fire bingo game.