LEGO® Hogwarts Castle or £300

£3.00 Per Ticket

Winner is:

Ticket number: 151 Answer: Harry Potter

About This Competition

‏With the Harry Potter 71043 Hogwarts set by LEGO your little tot can finally dive into fun and magical adventures! Gather for a feast in the Great Hall and the sorting ceremony and let them draw their wands for a duel with Draco Malfoy. Climb the moving stairs to explore the Grand Staircase tower, master the art of potions in the classroom, discover changing reflections in the Mirror of Erised and help Harry, Hermione and Ron battle the evil Basilisk and defeat Lord Voldemort

This prize will have one lucky winner! Cash alternative is £300 (priced on 11th Nov – John Lewis)

This is an auto- draw so there is no need to wait for the live! Winner will be contacted after the draw ends!

A guaranteed winner will be randomly picked from the entry list regardless of the amount of tickets sold- you can even watch a real time countdown to the reveal! Hurry -prize will draw early if sold out!