6 Winners

£2.00 Per Ticket


  1. beffy43
    Ticket number: 26
    Answer: Madrid
  2. beffy43
    Ticket number: 165
    Answer: Madrid
  3. mycallcoll2
    Ticket number: 73
    Answer: Madrid
  4. ivyqueen.kar
    Ticket number: 56
    Answer: Madrid
  5. andrew-9590
    Ticket number: 152
    Answer: Madrid
  6. Charlotte Allen
    Ticket number: 2
    Answer: Madrid

Well done winners


About This Competition

6 lucky winners will win a Hotel Chocolat  summer dessert gift box! Each box contains 36 chocolates, 15 recipes inspired by classic bakes,
Zingy sorbets and tangy cheesecakes!

The 6 winners will be drawn via a live duck race!  Your ticket number can win more than once!