5g Gold Bar 2024

£1.99 Per Ticket

Winner is: jcarson-lee

Ticket number: 281 Answer: January 1st

About This Competition

Wow… Brand new design for 2024, year of the dragon!  one lucky winner will win a 5g gold Pampas bar!

The front of the bar features a scene of a dragon wrapped around a pole and the Chinese character for ‘Dragon’ while the back has the same scene from the reverse angle and also contains the PAMP logo and the bars weight, purity and unique serial number.

The bar is made of 99.99% pure gold and bears a unique serial number. It comes in a specially designed pack which includes an assay card confirming the bars weight and purity and matching the serial number printed on the bar.

These bars are sure to be valuable collectors items due to the limited mintage of only 1,500.

Cash alternative £300!

This is an auto- draw so there is no need to wait for the live! Winner will be contacted after the draw ends!

A guaranteed winner will be randomly picked from the entry list regardless of the amount of tickets sold- you can even watch a real time countdown to the reveal! Hurry -prize will draw early if sold out!